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AWS re:Invent 2017 DevOps re:Cap Webinar & Resources

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Stelligent CTO, Paul Duvall and Chief Architect, Casey Lee presented the top five DevOps related services and features announced at or prior to re:Invent 2017. Along with the features significance to the DevOps community. In case you missed this AWS re:Invent 2017 DevOps Re:Cap webinar, you can catch it here. DevOps related services and features … Continue reading AWS re:Invent 2017 DevOps re:Cap Webinar & Resources

Lambda Backed Custom CloudFormation Resources

Posted on November 22, 2017 by jonny sywulak | 1 Comment

re:Invent is just around the corner (next week!), which means a bunch of new services and features will be announced, and they probably won’t have CloudFormation support for a few weeks. As the biggest CloudFormation fanboy of all time, this is probably the most difficult time of the year for me, as I want to use all the new goodies but feel kinda icky not … Continue reading Lambda Backed Custom CloudFormation Resources

Using the $Latest Amazon Lex Alias

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Imagine if an organization could construct chatbots with refined common dialect preparing and no operational overhead. Amazon Lex can be described as a fully managed service for building conversational interfaces into application using voice and text. Lex is integrated with AWS Lambda, a service that allows code to run without the provisioning or managing of servers. Lambda enables companies to write and run logic for your chatbot using serverless compute. The implication of bots into the conversation gives operations teams … Continue reading Using the $Latest Amazon Lex Alias

CodePipeline Dashboard

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Simple dashboard built for viewing pipeline metrics in AWS. Built using CloudWatch dashboards and metrics populated from CloudWatch events that CodePipeline triggers.

Performance Testing In a Continuous Delivery Pipeline

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Everyone talks about unit and functional tests when adopting Devops practices, but how do you know if one of your changes has introduced a major performance degradation? Performance testing is the missing link to having a truly Continuously Deliverable pipeline. In this blog post, you will see how performance tests can be integrated into your Continuous Delivery … Continue reading Performance Testing In a Continuous Delivery Pipeline

npm vs Yarn: Part 2

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Previously, we covered the release of Yarn, a new package management system designed to fix some of the shortfalls associated with npm.  With improvements in speed, efficiency, readability, and dependency management, Yarn has shown itself to be a worthwhile tool.  In this post, we will put that tool to use and show just how powerful Yarn can be.  Before we can demonstrate its potential, we have to … Continue reading npm vs Yarn: Part 2

Application Auto Scaling with Amazon ECS

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In this blog post, you’ll see an example of Application Auto Scaling for the Amazon ECS (EC2 Container Service). Automatic scaling of the container instances in your ECS cluster has been a feature for quite some time, but until recently you were not able to scale the tasks in your ECS service with built-in technology from AWS. In May of 2016, Automatic Scaling with Amazon ECS was … Continue reading Application Auto Scaling with Amazon ECS

DevOps in AWS Radio: Goss (Episode 9)

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In this episode, Paul Duvall and Brian Jakovich cover recent DevOps in AWS news and speak with Ahmed Elsabbahy about Goss, a ServerSpec alternative for testing server configuration. Here are the show notes: DevOps on AWS News How to Create an AMI Builder with AWS CodeBuild and HashiCorp Packer AWS CloudFormation now supports Amazon EMR security configuration, AWS Lambda & AWS … Continue reading DevOps in AWS Radio: Goss (Episode 9)