Learn how to automate security controls and governance through a Continuous Delivery (CD) pipeline on AWS

Mphasis Stelligent Prioritizes Security Best Practices on AWS

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For most, if not all, enterprises seeking to migrate to and leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS), it is essential to learn how to use AWS and third-party tooling to build a strong security posture. As an AWS Partner Network (APN) Premier Consulting Partner working exclusively on AWS, Mphasis Stelligent puts security at the heart of its customer solutions.

The team at Stelligent takes an ‘automate everything’ approach to each engagement by automating security controls and governance through the Continuous Delivery (CD) pipeline. This helps customers develop on AWS with more speed, consistency, visibility, and confidence. When security is made a core focus of the software delivery process, teams can deliver features rapidly while improving governance, compliance, and security. This is due to the iterative testing of incremental change by capturing security requirements as code, rather than through manual application.

Security Through Automation: Our Phased Approach

Phase 1

Phase 1 Assessment

  • Assess AWS Security Standpoint
  • Identify areas for improvement
Phase 2

Phase 2 Foundations

  • Determine AWS Account strategy
  • Develop AWS Account Factory
  • Develop Base Compliance Controls
Phase 3

Phase 3 Extended Controls

  • Compliance Factory
  • AMI Factory
  • Secrets Detection Factory
Phase 4

Phase 4 DevSecOps

  • Pipeline Security
  • Develop Infrastructure Pipelines
  • Develop Security Dashboard

Helping Security Enable Development and Growth Through Automation

Our mission is to help enterprises take a security-as-code approach to develop with confidence while focusing on business growth and development. To learn more, contact us.

Please contact us to learn how we can help your organization assess, plan and implement a successful DevSecOps strategy.