Migrate to AWS with confidence leveraging a DevOps Mindset

Fast, Secure, with an Optimized Cost of Run

Mphasis Achieves AWS Migration Competency Status

This differentiates Mphasis as an AWS Partner Network (APN) member that has demonstrated technical proficiency and customer success with specific focus on Migration Consulting and delivering solutions seamlessly on AWS.

Large scale enterprise migration of applications and data to AWS can be challenging and risky. Why not choose an experienced and distinguished migration leader? Mphasis Stelligent has achieved AWS Migration Competency status, in recognition of our deep AWS expertise, and our proven ‘deep automation’ techniques and DevOps and SRE mindset. We accelerate complex enterprise migration programs and provide a deep automation blueprint for the AWS Prescriptive Migration Framework. Our experienced “Intelligent Migration Factory” (IMF ™) is ready to help you assess, engineer, and execute migration plans with confidence.

What do we deliver?

Mphasis Stelligent helps you deliver enterprise scale migrations at speed with quality, security and smart remediations. This ensures better ROI, secure migrations and leaner target state AWS OPEX run costs. We have delivered over 60+ enterprise-scale engagements and assisted migrating estimated 40000+ workloads to AWS over the past 10 years. We have integrated that experience into our Intelligent Migration Factory™.

Our “Migration as Code” approach provides a deep automation blueprint for the AWS Prescriptive Migration framework. We focus on 4 key goals: making migrations simpler, faster, more reliable and more secure.

Unlocking ROI

We bring in deep practitioner insights to help you build your industrial migration foundations on AWS. We have a battle-tested path to faster, more reliable and cheaper migrations at enterprise scale.

Building Secure Industrial Foundations

Continuous Compliance is the most optimal and efficient way to ensure secure workload transitions and run during and after migrations. Our engineers will help you save months of time and millions of dollars by building automations to migrate workloads with confidence.

Optimizing Run

We have codified over 100 automation points across DevOps, SecOps, DataOps and MLOps, creating strategies for dynamic server footprints, reserved instances optimization, and remediation points. These smart automations ensure leaner cost of run on AWS, post migration, as you mature and evolve your cloud adoption.

Democratizing Change, with Unified Governance

Our Intelligent Migration Factory ( IMF™ ) both realizes and enhances the AWS Prescriptive Migration Framework.

Deep Automation IMF™ Approach

Mphasis Stelligent Intelligent Migration Factory codifies the AWS Prescriptive Migration Framework, taking a DevSecOps-led, automation-first approach that incorporates practitioner recipes, cookbooks and approaches. Our goal is to make the migration as efficient and effective as possible. IMF™ automation spans all stages of cloud migration and modernization process:


We extend AWS and partner discovery tools with custom tools like Topograph to collect the data we need to make accurate recommendations for the ideal migration path and target deployment architecture.

Readiness and Planning:

We provide automation of dependency mapping and wave grouping, Infrastructure as Code pipeline factories for landing zones, accounts environments, continuous compliance, DevSecOps pipelines, and stacks for target architectures.

Migration and Modernization:

We augment AWS migration tools to provide a high degree of automation for rehost and replatform scenarios and accelerate refactoring and modernization. Our process includes application security automation, feature based application generation, automated code rebuilds for replatform target stacks, and automated testing and assurance.


Faster Cycle Time
Lower OPEX Post Migration Run Cost
Secure Industrial Foundations
High Automation — Lower Transition Cost of Migration

Want to learn more?
Migration Workshops Available

The Mphasis Stelligent Migration workshop provides you with a methodology, a framework, and a remediation playbook to handle complex patterns. We’ll show you how to use Intelligent Migration Factory™ to automate your migrations as code.

Please contact us to schedule a Migration Workshop for your team.