Data Driven DevOps

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Cloud-based modernization is accelerating. Code is the new currency. Measuring and Optimization DevOps Maturity & Developer Productivity have become critical.

Evaluating an entire enterprise’s DevOps landscape is a formidable task, thousands of applications developed over decades with hundreds of tools. This gap in visibility is one of the major drivers in failed DevOps transformations. As applications are increasingly central to enterprise transformation, Mphasis Stelligent Data-drive DevOps Assessment powered by Topograph offers enterprises a way to measure, value and benchmark DevOps maturity and developer productivity. Topograph is the industry’s first platform agnostic tool to use data as the means of assessing overall enterprise DevOps maturity and potential project ROI.

This comprehensive assessment and Pareto-based remedies typically take 4-8 weeks and result in immediate and prioritized improvements for any DevOps and Application Modernization function. This Topograph powered assessment first creates a single source of truth for enterprise DevOps and Agile development. We then use this ground up visibility for refining the DevOps and cloud migration roadmap. By aggregating data from Source Code Management (SCM), CI/CD, Cloud, and DevOps tools we capture DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) Accelerate benchmarks and calculate industry specific KPIs using our proprietary algorithms. We also benchmark enterprises against leaders, identify bottlenecks, and obtain actionable insight to surface high ROI opportunities that drive DevOps maturity and developer productivity.

Topograph serves as the single source of truth for enterprise DevOps, providing ground up visibility for refining the DevOps and cloud migration roadmap. By aggregating data from Source Code Management (SCM), CI/CD, Cloud, and DevOps tools it captures DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) Accelerate benchmarks and calculates industry specific KPIs using our proprietary algorithms. Topograph benchmarks enterprises against leaders, identifies bottlenecks, and obtains actionable insight to surface high ROI opportunities.

Codifying Over a Decade of Expertise

Our Topograph powered solution is built on the depth of over a decade long experience of Mphasis Stelligent has in DevOps having worked through numerous client engagements coupled with Mphasis’s core expertise in Application Modernization and AI/ML.Through the reports generated by Topograph , we ultimately answer the foundational question on how does one most quickly, safely and efficiently improve software development release. Our data-driven DevOps assessment arrives at time when CEOs, CIOs and VPs of Application & Infrastructure are reconfiguring their digital strategy to accelerate migration to the cloud leveraging remote productivity. Through Topograph-driven insights we bring the important codified experience leveraging data to serve as an important guide in this mission critical journey.

Value Provided to Decision Makers

  • Holistic visibility of entire development ecosystem
  • Data driven project discovery using DORA accelerate metrics
  • Migration status and DevOps maturity assessment
  • Unified data and proxy metrics for Business and IT
  • Benchmark against Industry leaders
  • Value Stream Correlation of DevOps trends within an enterprise
    • Agile Velocity versus Quality and Defects
    • Development Investment versus Value Delivered
    • CI/CD Quality versus Deployment KPIs
    • DevOps Maturity versus Application Metrics

Functionality Covered

Visibility into Velocity, Maturity, Risk, Quality, and Value
DevOps Single Source of Truth (SSoT) — Learn more in a day than months of analysis
Rules engine for 1,000’s of data points — Categorizing attributes and detecting tools
Algorithms developed by DevOps experts validated through benchmarking industry leaders

Broad Level of Applicability

Our assessments are designed to address the needs from the C-suite to Director level providing the appropriate level of visibility and granularity of insight. We quickly assess the current status, investigate value stream trends, or dig deep into the raw metrics.

  • Drive Enterprise Transformations goals
  • Accelerate Time to Market and Revenue
  • Rapidly Deliver Margin Improvements
  • Rapidly Deliver New Business Models or Services to new markets
  • Post Pandemic Rapid Renewal Program
    • Reprioritization of Modernization tenets & timelines
    • Run & Change Programs
  • Improve agility, resiliency, and reliability
  • Shorten time from idea to production
    • Faster lead, cycle, and release times
    • Lower Costs: consolidate, automate
  • Leverage dashboards to accelerate decision making
VP Engineering
  • Ability to deliver quickly
  • Eliminate technical debt
  • Reprioritize in-flight modernization
  • Accelerate Cloud Native Development
  • Deliver to enterprise KPIs: Speed, High Quality, Resiliency and Costs
VP/Director DevOps
  • Improve Speed, Resiliency and Cost of Development
  • Boost Developer & Operations Productivity — Release time, DORA metrics
  • Deliver Higher quality software, with strong feedback loops
  • Standardize on best practices, benchmarking
  • Accelerate DevOps Enterprise Wide Adoption

Designed for Decision Making

Topograph surfaces the metrics that matter most by taking a layered approach in analyzing data. This visibility provides enterprises with the information to drive actions that have the biggest impact. These actionable insights roll-up detailed project level analytics that enable business level discussions central to digital transformation strategy.

More features, less risk, less debt, and happier users. Increasing velocity and quality to improve your bottle line.
What to do next and how to expedite transformation. Projects that immediately drive results.
Understand the bottlenecks across the organization, and the cost associated with not changing.
See how you stack up against FAANG, Accelerate, and Industry leaders.
The metrics that matter. Aggregate siloed data and create KPIs that directly tie to the value stream.

Breadth of Data Analyzed for Targeted Insight

We have designed our services and tools with the flexibility to sit inside your enterprise or from outside crawls through your Repo, CI/CD and VM/Cloud data to create the foundation to analyze and assess the overall DevOps maturity. We also anticipate restrictions around privacy and security issues based on our expertise with regulated businesses. Mphasis subsequently uses this as a basis to help prioritize and assist in their digital transformation.

Repo Repo CI/CD CI/CD Cloud Cloud
Data Value Area Metrics and Analysis
Repo Repo
Development Velocity Velocity metrics from CI/CD to determine cycle time, lead time, and release frequency. Agile workflow merge frequency, and commit frequency metadata from SCM.
Repo Repo
Cloud Cloud
Delivery Quality Pipeline analytics including MTTR, MTTF, rollback frequency, failure rate, etc. Log monitoring from application, infra, and CI/CD.
Repo Repo
Cloud Cloud
DevSecOps Maturity Identifying DevOps assets, coverage, tool integrations, CI/CD best practices, security/scanners, and automation.
Repo Repo
Cloud Cloud
Risk Identification Security and least privilege (cfn-nag, mc-nag), DevOps file evaluation and rule engine (OS linters, config-lint). Failure correlations from velocity, features and defect.
Repo Repo
Cloud Cloud
Value Stream Mapping Correlating all the data into a value oriented business view
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