Working with Stelligent

Our mission is to help enterprises deliver their software to production more quickly, more flexibly and more securely. Over the past decade, we have developed an engagement model that allows us to deliver the highest-value services to our customers. It is based on four core principles that influence how we organize, operate and hire:


With each customer’s needs.
Our engineers embed with the customer’s product team and allocate 100% of their time to that team.


About our work and our results.
We focus on outcomes and leverage the latest technology and tools to maximize our productivity.


At all times.
We hold one another accountable and hire the best and brightest automation engineers in the business.


For our customers.
We transfer our engineering knowledge so customers can continue to automate their software delivery on their own.

Five Things You Should Know About Stelligent

  1. We are 100% AWS.
    Stelligent has built its business around the AWS platform. It’s all we do. As a result, we are better equipped than any other firm to help enterprises leverage the AWS platform to accelerate their software delivery.
  2. We are a “hands on keyboard” engineering company.
    Stelligent offers much more than consulting. We play a direct role in advancing our customers’ engineering and DevOps initiatives. This includes embedding with customer product teams, committing code, participating in daily standups, and supporting all the other activities that help automate software pipelines, accelerate feedback loops between engineers and users, and speed cycle times.
  3. We work with large enterprises.
    Our experience is in large enterprises that depend on software delivery to compete. These organizations include many of the leading businesses in the world.
  4. We focus on solving important business problems.
    Stelligent solves the engineering and development bottlenecks that directly impact a business’ ability to compete – by equipping them to deliver better digital services faster and more flexibly.
  5. We measure ourselves on the business outcomes we deliver.
    With Stelligent on your team, you will get more efficient user feedback loops, faster delivery to production, more secure and stable software products/services, and more efficient operations.

Stelligent is not in the business of staff augmentation. Our team of engineers work with our customers’ product teams to achieve their desired business outcomes, transferring that knowledge and ownership to them all along the way. This is what ensures our customers’ long- term success in Continuous Delivery and DevOps automation.

Please contact us to learn more about Stelligent’s unique approach to software engineering.