Mphasis Stelligent DevOps Automation Services

Understand, automate and secure everything on AWS

Stelligent Discover

DevOps on AWS Assessment

Stelligent begins each engagement by evaluating how the customer currently handles building, testing, deploying, and releasing their applications to production. With Stelligent Discover, we provide actionable information on how you can immediately improve your software delivery capabilities. We use various techniques to gain a better understanding of the customer environment including interviews with stakeholders, observing deployments, and investigating the codebase. At the end of the assessment, we produce a report that identifies key areas where Stelligent can help accelerate the customer’s DevOps modernization journey.

Stelligent Build

Developing a DevOps Platform on AWS

Stelligent helps enterprises build a fully automated DevOps infrastructure and deployment pipelines on AWS to enable their applications to effectively use AWS. We leverage a “factory” approach which provides capabilities as software assets that are extensible. The factories are designed to deliver highly-scalable services to customer application teams through self-service mechanisms. These factories typically consist of deployment pipelines, AWS accounts, security and compliance controls (e.g. DevSecOps), dashboards, and more.

Stelligent Enable

Enablement of the DevOps Platform on AWS

With a structured DevOps on AWS platform in place, we deploy enablement teams to accelerate application onboarding to the platform services. These small engineering groups embed with our customers’ application teams for a short time period to upskill the application team engineers and provide guidance around the changes needed in order to successfully adopt the DevOps platform.

Stelligent Modernize

Application Modernization on AWS

As enterprises choose to leverage more of the capabilities of AWS, teams must rearchitect and refactor their applications. Stelligent embeds a small team with the customer’s application team to assist with refactoring the application from monoliths into microservices to accelerate the speed and confidence of software delivery to production.

Security Automation and Compliance on AWS

Stelligent takes an ‘automate everything’ approach to each engagement and believes that automating security controls and governance through the Continuous Delivery (CD) pipeline can help customers develop on AWS with more speed, consistency, visibility, and confidence. Learn More

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