DevOps Automation in Financial Services

As financial services continue expanding their digital capabilities, the ability to deliver new software-based services efficiently is critical. At the same time, it can very challenging for financial services organizations due to complex regulatory and compliance requirements. Stelligent has worked with many large financial services firms to help navigate these obstacles and streamline their development efforts leveraging the AWS Cloud.

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Stelligent covers the full development lifecycle — from securing source code used to trigger builds, and inserting strict business controls at run time, to setting up continuous inspection of running infrastructure to ensure compliance – so banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, exchanges and others can run their businesses faster and more securely on AWS.

Stelligent has been providing DevOps Automation solutions on AWS since 2009. In addition to being an AWS Partner Network (APN) Premier Consulting Partner, we also hold AWS DevOps and AWS Financial Services Competencies reflecting our proven ability to help financial services companies transform their business to be more efficient and agile.

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Mphasis Payments: Complementing the Mphasis payments industry team, the Mphasis Stelligent DevSecOps focus brings new capabilities for leading financial institutions to create cloud-native, cognitive-first solutions that embed agility, intelligence, scale and resilience through every step of the payments value chain. We combine our expertise in application migration & modernization with our experience deploying to AWS enabling a fast, secure, intelligent and unified experience for payment providers. Learn More

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