Case Studies

The following case studies illustrate a variety of ways we have helped customers. If you don’t see one that looks relevant to you, just ask and we can share other ones with you, or even put you in touch with customers who faced the same challenges or sought similar results.

AWS Partner Story: 3M Health Information Systems

3M HIS provisions development pipelines in minutes using AWS Service Catalog

AWS Partner Story: Verizon

Verizon’s new Development-Security-Operations Pipeline (DSOP) is one preventative method that the company is using to ensure that applications deployed to the public cloud meet all security policies for cloud applications. DSOP, which itself runs on AWS, was built with assistance from Stelligent.

AWS Partner Story: Washington Post

Learn about Washington Post’s Arc Publishing Platform and their digital transformation journey applying DevOps best practices on AWS.

AWS re:Invent 2017 — Technological Accelerants for Organizational Transformation

Developers and management can seem at cross purposes when one group looks at technologies and the other looks at organizational issues. Both groups are looking for ways to deliver value faster, leaner, and at less cost. There are technological avenues for accomplishing these goals, including DevOps and serverless architectures. However, these approaches also have organizational implications, as they change the nature and content of communication between teams. In this session, we cover the technology benefits and organizational transformations involved in DevOps and serverless architectures.
This session is part of the re:Invent Developer Community Day, six community-led sessions where AWS enthusiasts share technical insights on trending topics based on first-hand experiences and knowledge shared within local AWS communities.
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AWS re:Invent 2017 — Culture Shift: How to Move a Global Financial Services Organization

Many enterprises that follow regulated, process-driven workflows would like to take advantage of the innate features and benefits of AWS to become more agile, achieve operational excellence, and accelerate time-to-market while leveraging a DevOps culture and development methodology. But building a mature DevOps capability doesn’t happen overnight. Creating and implementing testing, compliance, and security automation frameworks requires time and organizational and process changes. Financial institutions are addressing this challenge by using AWS Service Catalog to help bridge the gap between traditional operations and true DevOps.
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AWS re:Invent 2017 — Using AWS to Achieve Both Autonomy and Governance at 3M

There is a constant tension between empowering teams to be agile through autonomy and enforcing governance policies to maintain regulatory compliance. Hear from Nathan Scott, Senior Consultant at AWS and James Martin, Automation Engineering Manager at 3M on how they have achieved both autonomy and governance through self-service automation tools on AWS. Learn how to avoid pitfalls with building the CI/CD team, right sizing and how to address. This session will also feature a demo from Casey Lee, Chief Architect at Stelligent on the tools used to accomplish this for 3M, including AWS Service Catalog, AWS CloudFormation, AWS CodePipeline and Cloud Custodian, an open source tool for managing AWS accounts.
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AWS re:Invent 2017 — Security Validation through Continuous Delivery at Verizon

In this session, Verizon and Stelligent demonstrate techniques and approaches on how to validate your security infrastructure during the development process through Continuous Security, and keep it that way through AWS Lambda auto-remediation. Verizon and Stelligent present a hands-on demo of these techniques, and a deep dive into the code that enables these technologies.
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Sony Pictures Entertainment

Stelligent created a fully-automated deployment pipeline in which the complete software system including the application code, configuration, infrastructure and data is built and tested with every change.

Advent Software

Stelligent created a self­-service system in which engineers can automatically launch and deploy software to their AWS environments ­ at the click a button.

Rosetta Health

RosettaHealth Achieves Cost-effective Storage Scalability on AWS with Stelligent
RosettaHealth is a software company providing solutions for secure, standards-based exchange of healthcare records between organizations using HIPAA compliant processes and technologies. Stelligent, is a company that provides its customers with automated Continuous Delivery solutions in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Working together, Stelligent designed an infrastructure platform with Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) using Lifecycles for storage and Amazon Redshift for analytics, designed to match business needs with HIPAA security and do so in a scalable, cost-effective manner.
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Skyland Analytics

Skyland Analytics, Inc. provides data analytics and data management software for process manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food and beverage industries. By migrating their application to AWS, Skyland can now quickly deploy customer sites on-demand, even when customers are using different versions of their software.

AWS re:Invent 2016: DevOps Pipeline Security — How To Use AWS To Secure Your DevOps Pipeline Like A Bank

Featuring: AWS, Stelligent and Citi.
Continuous Delivery can be challenging, especially for enterprises that deal with strict compliance requirements like those in the financial services sector. AWS and Stelligent frequently work together with many large Financial Services Enterprises to help incorporate their capabilities securely on the Cloud. From security of the source code used to trigger builds, to the insertion of strict business controls at run time, and out to the continuous inspection of the running infrastructure to ensure compliance, we are helping to build capabilities that are enabling them to run their business faster and safer on AWS.

AWS re:Invent 2015: Infrastructure as Code — Enabling Your Enterprise

Featuring: Featuring: AWS, Stelligent and Radian.
While many organizations have started to automate their software develop processes, many still engineer their infrastructure largely by hand. Treating your infrastructure just like any other piece of code creates a “programmable infrastructure” that allows you to take full advantage of the scalability and reliability of the AWS cloud. This session will walk through practical examples of how AWS customers have merged infrastructure configuration with application code to create application-specific infrastructure and a truly unified development lifecycle. You will learn how AWS customers have leveraged tools like CloudFormation, orchestration engines, and source control systems to enable their applications to take full advantage of the scalability and reliability of the AWS cloud, create self-reliant applications, and easily recover when things go seriously wrong with their infrastructure..
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