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Harnessing AWS and DevOps to help create the payments ecosystem of the future

In today’s world, winning requires a shift from traditional payment solutions that “get the job done” to holistic, intuitive and contextually aware solutions that empower people and businesses to take control of their financial lives. In parallel, many of these products are moving to the cloud to benefit from the agility and scale that is possible when architected and released with an automation mindset.

Complementing the Mphasis payments industry team, the Mphasis Stelligent DevSecOps focus brings new capabilities for leading financial institutions to create cloud-native, cognitive-first solutions that embed agility, intelligence, scale and resilience through every step of the payments value chain. We combine our expertise in application migration & modernization with our experience deploying to AWS enabling a fast, secure, intelligent and unified experience for payment providers.

Payment Order Processing in the Cloud

The complex architecture of payment order acquisition, processing, and processor integration has proven challenging to move to modern cloud-based infrastructure. Our DevSecOps methodology enables the combination of both OnPrem and Cloud-based solutions needed today. Whether on-prem or on cloud, they both benefit from application modernization and migration powered by DevSecOps. We have targeted three major gaps and pain points across the payment value chain.

Payment Order Acquisition
Migrate to AWS Cloud powered by Automation for speed, resiliency and scale
Payment Processing
Order Booking Debit/Credit
Use VMCloud to maintain on prem
Processor/ Infra Integration
With Clearing Networks/Market Infrastructure, Credit Cards, etc.
Migrate to AWS Cloud powered by Automation for speed, resiliency and scale

DevOps Transformation for Payments Solutions

The DevOps framework enables and accelerates your journey to cloud and hybrid infrastructure. Yet many enterprises begin that journey with no map or guidance resulting in stalled or failed initiatives. Our cloud native assessment and insight tooling provides valuable benchmarking and metrics to measure the health of the program through the various stages along the DevOps journey.

Automated Testing for Payments Solutions

Key to successful deployment of payments solutions in cloud or hybrid systems is the ability to validate and test against business and application requirements. An early-stage “shift left” approach provides fast feedback leading to fast innovation, better quality, and consistent processing. Mphasis payments team provides a Clearing House simulator which mimics Payments Clearing houses and helps increase testing coverage & efficiency. It’s a lightweight tool built on SOA standards and provides for complete simulation including reconciliation. This sets the stage for eventually driving a DevOps-led transformation.

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B2B payments, Commercial Cards & Payment Automation

Empowering B2B banks and payment companies to become their clients’ single source of truth and trusted payments advisor

Trade Finance & Supply Chain Transformation

Helping banks capitalize on a wider range of data, improve underwriting processes, gain contextual knowledge to streamline credit reviews, and enhance the overall effectiveness of financing processes and programs.

Retail, P2P and Digital Payments

Transforming payment transactions into moments of engagement to drive customer spend and loyalty

Operations Transformation

From customer on-boarding to transaction reconciliation, we take a digital-first, cloud-native approach to payment operations that creates major cost efficiencies while empowering the business to innovate at fintech speed

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