Get insights into DevOps on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with these Stelligent White Papers.

White Papers

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Intro to Continuous Security on AWS

If you are planning on deploying resources on AWS, or if you have already started on the journey and are looking for opportunities to improve the security of your cloud environments, the tools and patterns identified in this paper will accelerate your integration of security into the development process.

Intro to DevOps Automation on AWS

At Stelligent, a guiding principle with customers is to automate all processes until they can be run from the click of a button and from a single command. The reason we do this is to reduce human bottlenecks. Anytime human needs are required to run a process, it delays feedback and its correction. By eliminating these bottlenecks, teams can release software systems whenever they choose to do so.

In this whitepaper, learn how you can codify all the things including documentation, tests, infrastructure and deployment pipelines. You will also learn how to make all version-control commits go through a process of building, deploying, testing, and releasing software systems that are both actively and passively monitored via fully configurable managed services via AWS.

MicroServices as Containers for AWS

Stelligent, has had the privilege of working with many clients helping them with their efforts to adopt a microservices architecture as part of their migration to AWS cloud. These organizations are moving to a public cloud and want to architect their applications after these microservice patterns. Regardless of the industry segment — whether financial services, hospitality, health care, etc. — these organizations have used similar patterns and approaches to adopt these microservices architecture.

In this white paper, you will discover the principles and best practices for implementing a microservices architecture, how an open source tool called Stelligent — muTM — helps you to quickly and painlessly deploy your microservices architecture into the cloud and much more.