In this episode, we chat with Michael Neil a DevOps Automation Engineer here at Mphasis Stelligent about the AWS IoT platform. AWS IoT consists of many products and services, it can be difficult to know where to start when piecing together each of the offerings to create an IoT solution. Paul Duvall and Michael Neil will give you an overview of the AWS IoT platform, guide you in how to get started with AWS IoT, teach you how to automate it, and walk through a use case using AWS IoT. Listen here:

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Episode Topics

  1. Michael Neil Intro & Background 
  2. Overview of AWS IoT and AWS IoT Services
    1. Device software
      1. IoT Greengrass, IoT Device SDK
    2. Control services
      1. AWS IoT Core,  Device Defender, AWS IoT Things Graph
    3. Data services
      1. AWS IoT Analytics, AWS IoT Events
  3. Continuous Delivery with AWS IoT
    1. How is CD different when it comes to embedded devices and AWS IoT?
    2. How do you provision devices at the edge, MCUExpresso IDE?
    3. How to do CD w/ IoT via AWS CodePipeline and  AWS CodeBuild.
    4. How to do just-in-time provisioning, give it the right permissions.
  4. Bootstrapping Automation
    1. Bootstrapping process
    2. How started automating via the SDK
  5. Automating and provisioning  AWS IoT Services
    1. IoT Greengrass
    2. IoT Things
  6.  Integrations with other AWS Services 
    1. Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)
    2. AWS Lambda
    3. Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)
    4. Amazon DynamoDB
    5. Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose
    6. Amazon QuickSight
  7. Amazon FreeRTOS
  8. Automobile Assembly Line Use Case 
    1. How might they employ AWS IoT?
    2. How to do Continuous Delivery?
    3. Machine Learning

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About DevOps on AWS Radio

On DevOps on AWS Radio, we cover topics around applying DevOps principles and practices such as Continuous Delivery on the Amazon Web Services cloud. This is what we do at Stelligent for our customers. We’ll bring listeners in and speak with engineers who’ve recently published on our blog and we’ll also be reaching out to the wider DevOps on AWS community to get their thoughts and insights.

The overall vision of this podcast is to describe how listeners can create a one-click (or “no click”) implementation of their software systems and infrastructure in the Amazon Web Services cloud so that teams can deliver software to users whenever there’s a business need to do so. The podcast will delve into the cultural, process, tooling, and organizational changes that can make this possible including:

  • Automation of
    • Networks (e.g. VPC)
    • Compute (EC2, Containers, Serverless, etc.)
    • Storage (e.g. S3, EBS, etc.)
    • Database and Data (RDS, DynamoDB, etc.)
  • Organizational and Team Structures and Practices
  • Team and Organization Communication and Collaboration
  • Cultural Indicators
  • Version control systems and processes
  • Deployment Pipelines
    • Orchestration of software delivery workflows
    • Execution of these workflows
  • Application/service Architectures – e.g. Microservices
  • Automation of Build and deployment processes
  • Automation of testing and other verification approaches, tools and systems
  • Automation of security practices and approaches
  • Continuous Feedback systems
  • Many other Topics…


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