Here are some resources which can help you navigate the world of continuous delivery on the AWS cloud.

DevOps on AWS Solutions

A collection of resources that will launch featured solutions  — realize them by simply clicking on the Launch Stack button. This will launch an AWS CloudFormation stack in your AWS account to create an environment consisting of a collection of AWS resources.

Tools We Use

A list several of the tools that we typically use in implementing solutions for our customers. Though representative, it is by no means comprehensive.


Several terms we use a lot in our line of work. As so many of them get different definitions applied to them, depending on who is using them, we find it useful to share the definitions to which we subscribe. If you don’t see a term you expected to see, or if you want to engage in a discussion about ones you do see, don’t hesitate to let us know.


Get a sense of how we approach building out automated infrastructures and continuous delivery pipelines. We mean them as community property, so don’t be shy about recommending changes or additional concepts.