Stelligent, an AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Consulting Partner specializing exclusively in DevOps Automation on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, announce that it is a launch partner for four additional services in the AWS Service Delivery Program: AWS CloudFormationAWS CloudTrail, AWS Config, and Amazon EC2 Systems Manager. This means that Stelligent has demonstrated a successful track record of delivering specific AWS services and a demonstrated ability to provide expertise in a particular service or skill area.
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“The ability to deploy high-quality code in hours, not months, is something that we can help any company – including many in the Fortune 500 – achieve,” said Paul Duvall, Stelligent CTO and co-founder. “Using AWS Management Tools along with other AWS services we can drastically reducing our customers’ development times, while increasing the rate at which they can introduce new features.”
The AWS Service Delivery Program highlights APN Partners with a track record of delivering specific AWS services to customers. Attaining an AWS Service Delivery Distinction allows partners to differentiate themselves by showcasing to AWS customers areas of specialization.
The four AWS Management Tools included in the AWS Service Delivery Program include (Source AWS):

  • AWS CloudFormation – Create and manage a collection of related AWS resources, provisioning and updating them in an orderly and predictable fashion.
  • AWS CloudTrail – Track user activity and API usage
  • AWS Config – Record and evaluate configurations of your AWS resources
  • Amazon EC2 Systems Manager – Easily configure and manage Amazon EC2 and on-premises systems

Stelligent uses these AWS Management Tools in creating DevOps Automation solutions for customers so they can release new features to users, on demand, and reduce the costs of delivering software by reducing overall lead time. Resulting benefits include the following:
? the ability to release software with every successful change
? significant reduction of cycle time
? increased confidence in what is deployed
? increase in ability to experiment
? reduction of overall costs
“We are proud to work with AWS to deliver DevOps Automation solutions to our customers, allowing them to release new features to users whenever they choose,” said Duvall. “Being a launch partner in the AWS Management Tools addition to the AWS Service Delivery Program means a lot to us — this is what we live and breathe, and we do so exclusively for our customers targeting AWS. We obsess over customers, and we obsess over applying what we believe are essential practices to achieve the aims of continuous delivery. This acknowledgement will help us reach still more customers who value that passion.”
About Stelligent
Stelligent is an APN Advanced Consulting Partner and hold the AWS DevOps Competency. As a technology services company that provides DevOps Automation on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, we aim for “one-click deployment.” Our reason for being is to help our customers gain the ability to continuously deploy their software, when they want to, and with confidence. We’ve been providing DevOps Automation solutions on AWS since 2009. Follow @Stelligent on Twitter. Learn more at

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