Paul Duvall, Stelligent CTO and Co-Founder, has been named an AWS Community Hero. The AWS Community Heroes program is designed to recognize and honor individuals who have had a real impact within the AWS community. Among those are AWS experts who go above and beyond to share their experience and knowledge through social media, blogs, events, user groups, and workshops.

“To be first nominated and ultimately selected as an AWS Community Hero is a great honor,” said Duvall. “I have to add that it is very natural for me to promote AWS, which we have recommended to all who know Stelligent since we first gained exposure to it in 2009, and to which we have exclusively focused our efforts since 2013. AWS is, without a doubt, the best cloud service provider.”

Duvall is constantly exploring how to build solutions in AWS that are in line with continuous delivery principles, and he is currently working on a new book, Enterprise DevOps in AWS, a spiritual successor to his critically acclaimed Continuous Integration released in 2007.

“Paul has established crucial tenets at Stelligent that have shaped everyone here, and we couldn’t be more pleased that AWS has recognized his impact, not just here at Stelligent, but within the AWS community-at-large,” noted Rob Daly, Stelligent CEO and Co-Founder. Two of Stelligent’s core values are “sharing” and “continuous improvement,” and all Stelligent employees are held to those values, with Duvall leading through example. For instance, he shares his AWS expertise and experience through frequent posts on Stelligent’s blog and helps his colleagues craft theirs, as well. Duvall also leads efforts with various AWS product teams, offering insight and R&D effort to explore and contribute feedback regarding various AWS services, both in beta and general availability.

Along with Paul, Stelligent engineers have been responsible for dozens of AWS and Devops blog related posts in the last year alone.  “Every post on our blog is dedicated to achieving continuous delivery while adhering to AWS best practices,” added Jonny Sywulak, Stelligent’s Blog Czar and Senior DevOps Automation Engineer. “We obsess over customers, and we dedicate ourselves to applying what we believe are essential practices to achieve the aims of continuous delivery. This acknowledgement of Paul underscores the value of sharing experiences to advance technology and to create awareness about how Stelligent can help.

More details are available at our press release.

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