Have you ever tried to google for a list of AWS Regions or Availability Zones? I do it all the time. I need to figure out which AZs to my ELB should go across, or want to try my new CloudFormation template in a different region to make sure I didn’t hardcode something I shouldn’t have. Of course, I usually blank out on how many zones each region has, and I always get my directions screwed up so I can never remember if Ireland is eu-west or eu-east (and while it is embarrassing to admit, I had no idea where São Paulo was before I started working with the AWS platform).
However, every time I google for a list of AZs, I remember that none of the AWS documentation gives a nice, easy list of all the regions and their availability zones. AWS does add new zones and regions pretty regularly, so a list might go out of date after a few months. Still, I end up looking for these every few days, so I wrote them all out, and then put it on the internet, so hopefully next time I google for “list of availability zones” this page pops up. Maybe it’ll help you too?
Virginia — US East 1 (us-east-1)
• us-east-1a
• us-east-1b
• us-east-1c
• us-east-1d
• us-east-1e
California — US West 1 (us-west-1)
• us-west-1a
• us-west-1b
• us-west-1c
Oregon — US West 2 (us-west-2)
• us-west-2a
• us-west-2b
• us-west-2c
Ireland — EU West 1 (eu-west-1)
• eu-west-1a
• eu-west-1b
• eu-west-1c
Singapore — AP Southeast 1 (ap-southeast-1)
• ap-southeast-1a
• ap-southeast-1b
Tokyo — AP Northeast 1 (ap-northeast-1)
• ap-northeast-1a
• ap-northeast-1b
• ap-northeast-1c
Sydney — AP Southeast 2 (ap-southeast-2)
• ap-southeast-2a
• ap-southeast-2b
São Paulo — SA East 1 (sa-east-1)
• sa-east-1a
• sa-east-1b