Turn your multi-week release process into a click of a button. And, do it all on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.

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Looking for speed, agility, cost reduction, experimentation or to focus on your differentiation rather than infrastructure? All of the above? One or more of our services can help.
We understand that every customer has different ambitions, comfort levels, and interest in achieving the benefits of automation. We can help you decide just how much is right for you. Whether you are just looking to understand potential benefits and cost of automating your delivery process, get help setting up a roadmap to ensure migratory success, want it automated quickly and without any proprietary ties, or just want to hand over the entire pipeline and infrastructure responsibilities to a dedicated provider, Stelligent is here to help.
We stress to our customers that infrastructure automation and deployment pipeline implementations are themselves software engineering efforts, and therefore benefit from all the solid engineering practices your application teams employ: use of a backlog of stories and tasks, ordered and prioritized by a product owner, all assets version controlled, complete with automated testing, documentation, etc. Typically, to deliver on our services, our DevOps Automation Engineers embed themselves in the teams they support.