API Gateway

The AWS API Gateway service provides for the publishing, managing, monitoring and security  of your APIs. As a fully managed service, it provides high availability and scaling, throttling and a robust security layer without any development on your part. It can front endpoints running on EC2, Lambda or your on-prem data centers.
Stelligent supports its customers by implementing the automation that allows for the testing, deployment and configuration of AWS resources and customer applications. An integral capability of any well architected solutions are scalable implementations based on abstract services where possible. API Gateway provides a framework for the delivery of microservices through abstract services, and is key for any number of solutions, from newly architected greenfield development to “monolith-to-microservices” re-architecture efforts.
For instance, the diagram below depicts a loosely coupled architecture fronted by API Gateway to provide security, scaling and throttling of internet facing APIs:api-gateway
Following are a few resources which dive a little deeper into some of the uses of API Gateway we explore elsewhere on this site: