AWS Service Catalog is a management tool that provides IT administrators the ability to create and curate catalogs of approved IT services. Service Catalog bridges the gap between organizations and developers. With the use of Service Catalog, organizations are able to create and manage services while helping developers quickly find and deploy the approved IT services. This allows organizations to maintain governance and compliance requirements. The approved IT services used on AWS can range anywhere from software, Virtual machine images, databases and servers. By specifying constraints and policies around curated best-practice infrastructure patterns, you can quickly deploy the desired service, increasing agility while maintaining governance.  AWS Service Catalog promotes standardization and governance while meeting your business needs.
Here at Stelligent, our mantra is, “Automate everything!” AWS Service Catalog is a powerful service we use to automate the curation and access to shared best-practice patterns across enterprise organizations..  If you are interesting in understanding how Stelligent leverages AWS Service Catalog at an enterprise scale, contact us for more information.
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