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Webinar: Implementing a Digital Transformation Strategy on AWS for Financial Services | May 22 at 1:00PM ET
 – In today's digital-first market, financial services organizations are only as competitive as their ability to rapidly develop and deploy new applications and products, provide optimal customer service while still maintaining or exceeding industry compliance and security standards. Join Stelligent CTO Paul Duvall for real world examples and Q&A session. Learn More.

New Content: 

Digital Transformation on AWS for Financial Services – Going digital presents your firm an opportunity to proactively respond to the ever-changing needs and expectations of the market in a way that helps you establish new customer expectations of excellence. The question isn't what you risk by taking a digital-first's what do you risk by not embracing digital transformation? Download Solution Brief | Webinar

DevOps on AWS RadioThe Washington Post – In this episode, Stelligent CTO Paul Duvall and co-host Brian Jakovich chat with Patrick Cullen –  a principal architect from the Washington Post – about their DevOps transformation on AWS. Listen to Podcast

Microservices as Containers on AWS 
– Discover the principles and best practices for implementing a microservices architecture, how an open source tool called Stelligent mu helps you to quickly deploy your microservices architecture onto AWS. Download White Paper

Validating AWS CloudFormation Templates with cfn_nag and mu – In this blog, get step-by-step insights on how open source tools like Stelligent mu and cfn_nag are helping developers with DevOps automation on AWSRead Blog
Learn other ways to incorporate mu:  AWS Open Source Blog | AWS ECS Workshop | github

AWS Partner Network (APN) Blog 
At the 2018 AWS Summit – San Francisco on April 3rd, Stelligent was recognized as a launch partner for the Amazon EC2 for Windows designation under the AWS Service Delivery Program. The designation highlights APN partners that have demonstrated unique solution delivery capabilities on Amazon EC2 for Windows service. Read APN Blog

In addition, Stelligent was amongst the first few to achieve the AWS Service Delivery Cloud Management accreditation, AWS Service Catalog.  Read More  

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