Many moons ago, Jonny coined the term “Stelligentsia” to refer to our small, merry band of technologists at the time. Times have changed and the team has grown by a factor of 10 but we strive to live up to the name as all things DevOps and AWS continues to evolve.
We find the best way to do this is not only to continually learn and improve, but to also share our knowledge with others – a core value at Stelligent. We believe that you are more valuable when sharing knowledge with as many people as possible than keeping it locked inside your head only letting paying customers access to the principles and practices derived from these experiences.
Over the years at Stelligent, we’ve published many resources that are available to everyone. In this post, we do our best to list some of the blogs, articles, open source projects, refcardz, books, and other publications authored by Stelligentsia. If we listed everything, it’d likely be less useful, so we did our best to curate the publications listed in this post. We hope this collection provides a valuable resource to you and your organization.

Open Source

You can access our entire GitHub organization by going to The listing below represents the most useful, relevant, repositories in our organization.



Here are the top 10 blog entries from Stelligentsia in 2016:

For many more detailed posts from Stelligentsia, visit the Stelligent Blog.

Series and Categories

  • Continuous Security – Five-part Stelligent Blog Series on applying security into your deployment pipelines
  • CodePipeline – We had over 20 CodePipeline-related posts in 2016 that describe how to integrate the deployment pipeline orchestration service with other tools and services
  • Serverless Delivery – Parts 1, 2, and 3

AWS Partner Network



Over the years, we have published many articles across the industry. Here are a few of them.

IBM developerWorks: Automation for the People

You can find a majority of the articles in this series by going to Automation for the People. Below, we provide a list to all accessible articles:

IBM developerWorks: Agile DevOps

You can find 7 of the 10 articles in this series by going to Agile DevOps. Below, we provide a list to all 10 articles:


  • Continuous Delivery Patterns – A description and visualization of Continuous Delivery patterns and antipatterns derived from the book on Continuous Delivery and Stelligent’s experiences.
  • Continuous Integration Patterns and Antipatterns – Reviews Patterns (a solution to a problem) and Anti-Patterns (ineffective approaches sometimes used to “fix” a problem) in the CI process.

Videos and Screencasts

Collectively, we have spoken at large conferences, meetups, and other events. We’ve included video recordings of some of these along with some recorded screencasts on DevOps, Continuous Delivery, and AWS.

AWS re:Invent

How-To Videos

  • DevOps in the Cloud – DevOps in the Cloud LiveLessons walks viewers through the process of putting together a complete continuous delivery platform for a working software application written in Ruby on Rails
  • DevOps in AWS – DevOps in AWS focuses on how to implement the key architectural construct in continuous delivery: the deployment pipeline. Viewers receive step-by-step instructions on how to do this in AWS based on an open-source software system that is in production. They also learn the DevOps practices teams can embrace to increase their effectiveness.

Stelligent’s YouTube



  • DevOps in AWS Radio – How to create a one-click (or “no click”) implementation of software systems and infrastructure in the Amazon Web Services cloud so that teams can deliver software to users whenever there’s a business need to do so. The podcast will delve into the cultural, process, tooling, and organizational changes

Social Media


  • Continuous Integration: Improving Software Quality and Reducing Risk – Through more than forty CI-related practices using application examples in different languages, readers learn that CI leads to more rapid software development, produces deployable software at every step in the development lifecycle, and reduces the time between defect introduction and detection, saving time and lowering costs. With successful implementation of CI, developers reduce risks and repetitive manual processes, and teams receive better project visibility.

Additional Resources

Stelligent Reading List – A reading list for all Stelligentsia that we update from time to time.
Stelligent is hiring! Do you enjoy working on complex problems like figuring out ways to automate all the things as part of a deployment pipeline? Do you believe in the “one-button everything” mantra? If your skills and interests lie at the intersection of DevOps automation and the AWS cloud, check out the careers page on our website.

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