30-Day Pipeline

For customers who are ready to take one of their projects (an application, service, or microservice) and automate its infrastructure and implement a deployment pipeline, but are not ready to make an extended commitment. Think: Pilot. More than just CI in AWS, but less than a completely flushed out pipeline achieved through an extended DevOps Automation, this is a special 30-day time-boxed instance of the DevOps Automation service. In 30 days, you’ll get the framework of a pipeline, with a solid commit stage, as well as an understood model of how to proceed to enrich the latter stages. If you have internal staff who want to take over the responsibility of building out the pipeline over time, this is a great way to ensure things get moving in the right direction from the start.
Of course, depending on how rich you’d like the result to be, you may prefer a larger time-box. In those cases, we can plan and deliver 60- and 90-day pipelines as well.