Tools We Frequently Use

The following table lists several of the tools that we typically use in implementing solutions for our customers. Though representative, it is by no means comprehensive.

Category Tools
Deployment & Management AWS CloudFormationAWS OpsWorksAWS CodeDeployAWS CodePipelineAWS CodeCommit, AWS Service Catalog, AWS SDKsAWS CLIJenkinsGithub, Cloud Custodian
Compute & Containers Amazon EC2AWS Auto ScalingAWS Elastic Load BalancingDocker, LambdaPackerVagrant
Storage & Content Delivery Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)Amazon CloudFrontNexus
Database AWS ElastiCacheAmazon Relational Database Service (RDS)Amazon DynamoDB
Networking Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)Amazon Route 53AWS Direct Connect
Administration & Security AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)AWS Trusted AdvisorCloudWatchCloudWatch LogsAWS SupportJanitor MonkeyNew Relic, AWS CloudTrailCloudabilityNetflixOSS
Application Services & Testing API GatewayAmazon Simple Email Service (SES)SNSSQSSWFChefPuppetAnsibleServer SpecTestKitchenCucumberChaos MonkeyJMeterCodeClimateSonar.
While there are many tools listed, the source assets that are committed to your version-control repository typically include only the following:

  • Ruby/Python scripts
  • CloudFormation templates
  • Serverspec or Cucumber tests (in Ruby)
  • Chef, Ansible or Puppet scripts (in Ruby/Python or external DSL)