DevOps on AWS Solutions

AWS Premier Consulting Partner DevOps Competency

The best way to learn about the different solutions AWS provides is to actually use them. This is a collection of CloudFormation templates that will allow you to quickly stand up different solutions and see how they work. If you’re interested in seeing the templates themselves, they are available on Stelligent’s Github.

You can launch any of the solutions below by clicking on the Launch Stack button. This will launch an AWS CloudFormation stack in your AWS account to create an environment consisting of a collection of AWS resources.

Solution Description View in Designer Launch
CodeCommit / CodePipeline integration Integrates CodeCommit into CodePipeline to deploy a sample application using CodeDeploy. Download CloudFormation template here.
Node.js – Traditional Full stack using non-serverless AWS implementation with CodePipeline, Chef, Jenkins, etc. Download CloudFormation template here.
Node.js – Serverless Full stack serverless delivery implementation using CodePipeline, Lambda and API Gateway. Download CloudFormation template here.
Cross-Account Pipeline See the blog post: Create a Cross-Account Pipeline in AWS CodePipeline. Download CloudFormation template here.
Serverless Pipeline Mock Quickly launch a pipeline to model stages and actions. Download CloudFormation template here.