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2019-January-3: Mphasis Stelligent Achieves 100% AWS Certification Company-Wide

Mphasis Stelligent, a technology services company specializing in DevOps automation on Amazon Web Services (AWS), today announced that all 60 plus employees in the company have achieved certification on the AWS cloud platform. The achievement reinforces the company’s commitment to the AWS platform and further demonstrates its ability to help leading enterprises take full advantage of the platform to accelerate their software delivery and development automation efforts. Stelligent has over 100 AWS certifications with 50% of its engineers holding AWS professional certifications.

2018-November-8: Stelligent Acquired By Mphasis

Stelligent, a technology services company specializing in DevOps automation on Amazon Web Services (AWS), today announced that it has been acquired by Mphasis, a global information technology (IT) solutions provider specializing in cloud and cognitive services.  The combined entity brings best-in-class DevOps and DevSecOps solutions within the AWS cloud, enabling delivery at scale, customer-centric digital transformation and personalization to enterprise clients.

2018-July-10: Stelligent Chief Architect Named AWS Container Hero

Casey Lee honored for contributions to AWS container services users around the globe.

Stelligent today announced that Casey Lee, chief architect and VP of engineering and delivery for the company, has been named an AWS Container Hero by AWS. The award recognizes and honors the most engaged developers for their real impact on the AWS community.

2017-November-28: Stelligent Achieves Premier Consulting Partner Status in the AWS Partner Network

Achievement one of several AWS milestones for company in 2017
This achievement comes on the heels of several others this year for Stelligent’s AWS practice, which required passing rigorous assessments and third-party audits.


Webinar: Moving to Continuous Deployment in Government

Featuring Jonny Sywulak, Stelligent Principal Architect
While more commercial enterprises are applying DevOps practices to increase their feedback loops by deploying changes to production multiple times per day, can these practices also be employed at government agencies? What are the unique challenges in government organizations to overcome? Hear from Stelligent Principal Architect, Jonny Sywulak, on some of the organization, process, culture, and tooling changes that product teams can make to get software confidently and securely deployed to production multiple times per day.

Webinar: Dos & Don’ts for DevOps Automation on AWS

Featuring Stellient Chief Architect Casey Lee
AWS offers all the resources needed to run your application workloads at any scale. The challenge becomes how best to leverage those resources in a reliable and secure manner while maintaining cost efficiency. We will cover the DOs and DON’Ts you need to consider on your journey to the cloud including account configuration, networking, security, and automation.

Webinar: Implementing a Digital Transformation Strategy on AWS for Financial Services

Featuring Stelligent CTO Paul Duvall
In today’s digital-first market, financial services organizations are only as competitive as their ability to rapidly develop and deploy new applications and products, provide optimal customer service while still maintaining or exceeding industry compliance and security standards.

Webinar: AWS re:Invent – DevOps Recap

Featuring Stelligent CTO Paul Duvall & Chief Architect Casey Lee
Whether you’ve attended or missed AWS re:Invent 2017 in Vegas, join Stelligent’s CTO Paul Duvall and Chief Architect Casey Lee for insights on what the new announcements will mean for the DevOps community. We will cover some essential best practices and resources for you as you head into the new year and you too can be continuously deploying!

Webinar: Intro to DevOps Automation on AWS

Featuring Stelligent CTO Paul Duvall
We’ve found that there is a direct correlation between automation of software delivery processes and success with customers. This is especially true in the cloud. Whether you are just thinking about the move, or are already feeling the pain of manual processes, this webinar is well worth your hour investment.
We cover essentials such as how to properly assess one’s own readiness for automation, as well as how to lay out a realistic plan to achieve the desired level of automation. Along the way, we reference both open source and AWS native services and tools you can use to be continuously deploying like a boss!

Webinar: Microservices as Containers on AWS…for Fun and Profit

Featuring Stelligent Chief Architect Casey Lee
The architectural pattern of decomposing an application into microservices has proven extremely effective at delivering software faster.
However, this type of an architecture comes with its fair share of challenges.
Fortunately, Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers many services that can be leveraged to overcome these challenges and adopt microservices best practices. If you are just starting to consider using AWS for running your microservices or if you have already started on the journey and looking for opportunities to improve, then this webinar will be beneficial for you.

Webinar: Continuous Security on AWS

Featuring Stelligent VP of Services Chuck Dudley
If you are planning on deploying resources onto Amazon Web Services (AWS), or if you have already started on the journey and are looking for opportunities to improve the security of your DevOps environments on AWS, then this webinar is for you.
Learn how to infuse security validation in your development and deployment processes for continuous security on AWS. Hear from Chuck Dudley, Vice Presidentof Services at Stelligent on leveraging the same process and objective criteria used successfully with their customers.