HOSTING + Stelligent FAQs

1. What is HOSTING?

HOSTING delivers secure, compliant managed services on the leading cloud platforms to enable business transformation. Headquartered in Denver, HOSTING serves more than 2,000 global customers out of six locations.

2. Why is HOSTING acquiring Stelligent?

HOSTING has long been impressed with Stelligent and its unparalleled team of DevOps automation engineers. Rather than building advanced DevOps competencies in-house, HOSTING determined it would acquire the best in the industry and work together to provide superior service and cutting-edge solutions to customers throughout the application lifecycle on the AWS cloud.

3. What is the status of HOSTING’s acquisition of Stelligent?

The acquisition agreement was signed on March 13, 2017. It was announced publicly on March 21, 2017.

4. But I love Stelligent! Why did it agree to the acquisition?

The space we operate in is maturing incredibly quickly. For many years, Stelligent customers have been asking us to provide managed services, including monitoring, security and compliance, on their AWS environments. The demand is significant.

As we explored the possibility of extending our operations, we realized we did not have the resources or capabilities to do it the right way – the way we want to do it and the way our customers deserve – on our own. With HOSTING, we will be able to extend our offerings to better serve customers and, most importantly, do it right. Our joint offering will enable customers to plan, migrate, automate, optimize and secure their applications within AWS with a unique and advanced end-to-end solution set. Best of all, it will be designed, delivered and serviced by experts in leveraging the full capabilities and business benefits of AWS.

5. How will this affect my organization?

Your company will continue to receive the same world-class continuous delivery solutions and service it always has from Stelligent. Now, however, it will also have the opportunity to leverage a trusted managed service provider under the same family of services to help you monitor, manage and optimize your software systems 24/7.


6. How will I get the support I need?

Stelligent staff members (Stelligentsias) will continue to serve our customers the same way we always have.


7. Who should I go to with questions?

Ask any Stelligentsia if you would like to know more. You can also contact us at