We recently presented DEV332 – Using AWS to Achieve Both Autonomy and Governance at 3M  at re:Invent 2017. Below are more resources that you may find helpful:
Code Resources:

  • cfn_nag — Repo for the cfn_nag tool which looks for patterns in CloudFormation templates that may indicate insecure infrastructure.
  • Cloud Custodian – Allows users to define policies to enable a well managed cloud infrastructure, that’s both secure and cost optimized. It consolidates many of the adhoc scripts organizations have into a lightweight and flexible tool, with unified metrics and reporting.
  • pipeline-dashboard – Simple dashboard built for viewing pipeline metrics in AWS. Built using CloudWatch dashboards and metrics populated from CloudWatch events that CodePipeline triggers.
  • aws-pipeline-dashboard – Python version of the pipeline dashboard built with 3M and hosted on their GitHub organization.

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