In this role, engineers are responsible for implementing solutions while working with other DevOps Automation Engineers at Stelligent.

The following characteristics are typical of a Stelligent DevOps Automation Engineer:

  • 2-5+ years of technical experience in either development, operations, or full-stack implementations.
  • At least 1-2 years of demonstrated programming capability in a high-level programming language such as Ruby, Python, Java, C# or other language
  • 0-2 years successful customer engagements providing continuous delivery solutions, preferably employing AWS.
  • 0-2 years of demonstrated Linux or Windows command-line capability
  • Collaboratively worked with Stelligent Advanced DevOps Automation Engineers and Senior DevOps Automation Engineers
  • Familiar with core suite of AWS Services related to DevOps, with particular depth in those that are heavily used when providing DevOps Automation solutions, including the Management and Deployment services such as AWS CloudFormation, OpsWorks and IAM
  • Experience establishing and employing Continuous Integration practices and tools such as Jenkins or other CI tools
  • Frequent and comfortable use of configuration management automation tools such as Chef (or other such tools) in creating continuous delivery systems.
  • You will employ industry Continuous Delivery patterns and collaboratively work with other members to execute them to achieve successful continuous delivery solutions for Stelligent’s customers.
  • AWS Certified Associate (Architect, Sys Ops, Developer)