11.02 Grow people and engineering skills

There are many attributes and skills for people to be successful at doing Cloud Delivery in AWS. Traditional Linux or Windows, systems administration or programming skills are not enough. A combination of engineering (both systems and software development) along with consultative skills are essential. People like this don’t come cheap, but you can also grow promising people into these skills over time. Don’t attempt to circumvent the investment that’s required in getting and growing people with these skills. The return on investment is the ability to release software at any time and this pay dividends far beyond efficiency and provides companies the ability to adapt to market and customer needs.

  • Automated Provisioning¬†– AWS
  • Business Basics
  • Capacity Testing Bootstrapping
  • Collaboration
  • Configuration and Change Management
  • Consultative
  • Development Practices (CI)
  • Documentation
  • Exploration (Research and Development)
  • High-Availability Architectures
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Infrastructure Automation – CI Server (Pipeline Bootstrapping)
  • Infrastructure Automation – General
  • Infrastructure Automation- Database Configuration
  • Innovation
  • Monitoring – Application
  • Monitoring – Cost
  • Monitoring – System (and Logging)
  • Oral Communication
  • Project Management
  • Public Speaking
  • Scripted Deployment
  • Scripted Networking
  • Security (System and Application)
  • Self-Management
  • Solution Architecture
  • Solution Design
  • Static Analysis
  • Successful Project Delivery
  • Testing – Infrastructure and Deployment
  • Linux or Windows Command-Line Interface
  • Version Control Systems
  • Written Communication Skills

So, remember, while you might be implementing a technical solution in creating a fully automated deployment production line, like most things, it’s about people. You need good people who embrace the DevOps culture and you need to grow these people into new engineering skillsets that might be dramatically different from the type of work they’ve done before – even if they have a Systems Operations and/or an infrastructure background. DevOps is about people.

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