Deployment Production Line Checklist

Setup Checklist

[frontend-checklist name=”Setup”]

Developer Practices Checklist

[frontend-checklist name=”DevPractices”]

Process and Documentation Checklist

[frontend-checklist name=”Processes”]

Deployment Production Line Bootstrapping Checklist

[frontend-checklist name=”ProductionLine”]

Commit stage checklist

[frontend-checklist name=”Commit”]

Acceptance stage checklist

[frontend-checklist name=”Acceptance”]

Capacity stage checklist

[frontend-checklist name=”Capacity”]

Pre-production stage checklist

[frontend-checklist name=”Pre-Production”]

Production stage checklist

[frontend-checklist name=”Production”]

Self-service deployment checklist

[frontend-checklist name=”Self-Service”]

Crosscutting concerns checklist

[frontend-checklist name=”Crosscutting”]

Ongoing activities checklist

[frontend-checklist name=”Ongoing”]

Production operations checklist

[frontend-checklist name=”ProductionOperations”]

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