13.01 Apply production operations practices

Once a software system is released to production, you’ll need ways to monitor the systems and its usage. The nice thing with the cloud is that because you can create identical systems in non-production environments, you can rehearse the production process before the software system is actually released to production.

So, before the software is released to production, you’ll want to incorporate system and application monitoring tools and apply security, operations and deployment production line checks to all your systems. You can do this on a continuous basis by incorporating these checks into the deployment production line itself. The deployment production line is automatically adapt the system based on pre-defined processes. For example, if a system violates security standards bu automatically running through the security checklist, you can have the production line fail and provide an error report to users. Also, rather than applying passive system and application monitoring (meaning after the error has been experience by users), you can use the power of the running stateless systems in the cloud to adapt the system based on resource failures so that the application continues to run without the users ever noticing that something went wrong.

With the cloud and continuous delivery, production operations is no longer reactionary; it is proactive and users might never know that a failure even occurred to your compute resources. This is the power of cloud delivery.


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