02.06 Manually configure infrastructure resources

Manually create traditional resources in AWS

After you’ve collected and modified the documentation, created a value-stream map and recorded screencasts, you will want to manually create these resources in AWS. One of the purposes of this exercise is to further assess what needs to be automated because virtually everything you’ll be going through in this sub lesson will eventually be automated as you create a deployment production line.

For the reference software system in this course, you will be creating the resources listed here. In this sub lesson, you will manually create each of these resources to get an idea how to provision these resources in AWS and what can and will be automated later. You’ll see later that there’s some room for even more automation in what we’re doing in this course.

Although the purpose of CloudFormation and OpsWorks is to automate much of the provisioning of AWS resources, there’s potentially a considerable amount of actions that need to be automated in these tools as well – particularity in OpsWorks.

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