As with the previous sublesson, I’m assuming that you’re on a project that has existing documentation and some existing process for provisioning, building, and deploying software. If you’re on a new project, you’ll skip to the next sublesson to identify the anticipated value stream.
After you’ve collected as much as the documentation as you can track down, it’s time to walk through the instructions. You might do this yourself or, better yet, walk through the instructions with one or more project stakeholders to help identify and fill in any gaps.
Your objective it to get to the point where you’re reasonably confident that you can manually install and configure resources using the instructions. Many people underestimate the time is takes to conduct these walkthroughs, but there can be significant effort in scheduling time to meet with stakeholders across the software systems lifecycle – such as some of the people we met in the kickoff meeting – developers, QA, DBA, operations and so on. This can also help you determine the true value stream which is what we’ll be covering in the next lesson.