Usually, we use the project management tools based on our customers’ preferences. We’ve use JIRA, Rally, Pivotal Tracker, Basecamp and several others. We think it’s important to track our progress, but we don’t particularly have a strong preference on the particular tool. We do prefer to use a Kanban board and several of these tools provide this capability.

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Based on a recent customer engagement, and since our implementation teams are in different locations across North America, we use a tool called Sococo to provide contextual presence, conference calls, screensharing, etc.

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Also, since we do a lot of remote work, we use a group chatting tool from Atlassian called HipChat. We have a company room, project and individual rooms where we can instantly communicate with one another, pass on links and shoot the breeze.

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We use Google Drive to share documents. Since it provides real-time, shared editing capabilities, it makes for efficient collaboration. We also use Github to provide instructions on some of the open-source and other software that we’ve written.

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