Once your organization has decided to implement a cloud delivery project in AWS, you’ll want to have a kickoff meeting with the project stakeholders. We tend to segment stakeholders by those who are part of decision-making steering committee and those who need to be informed on the overall progress.


Here are some of the names of the roles in a software/systems organization. In every organization, there are different names for different roles and part of the effort is to determine based on your experience the various stakeholders. Ultimately, you’re looking for representation across the software delivery cycle since Continuous Delivery automates this entire process.

  • Application/Service Developers/Programmers
  • Business Analyst
  • Cloud Manager
  • Continuous Integration and Build/Deployment
  • Configuration management for hardware and software; Configuration and Change Management
  • Database Administration
  • Deployments: Local and Remote
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Executives and Managers
  • Infrastructure and Environments
  • Networking and Security
  • Production Operations
  • Release Management/Engineering (or others who understand the checkin to production processes
  • Static Analysis (Standards, Duplication, Complexity, Dependencies, etc.) and/or Coding standards/policies
  • Testing: Component/Integration
  • Testing: Functional
  • Testing: Acceptance
  • Testing: Independent Verification and Validation
  • Testing: Load and Performance


  • Intro to Continuous Delivery session
  • Layout the implementation schedule to stakeholders
  • “Key Stakeholder” Meeting – Review goals, etc.
  • Daily checkins


You’ll find some example resources at devopsaws.stelligent.com